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Alex Glover – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Research | Communication | Data Analysis | Sports Nutrition | Clinical Nutrition
I have a huge passion for nutrition and a lot of my free time is spent offering private coaching and creating
educational content for the health and wellness industry, and analysing the latest research on hot nutrition topics.
My study focus is on, sports nutrition and disease prevention/ intervention, specifically heart disease, diabetes and
PCOS. My sports nutrition focus is muscle hypertrophy and athletic performance.
Training, qualifications: (PGCert) MNU Certified Nutritionist. MSc Clinical Nutrition (Pending 2021)
N4U Roles:
Languages: English
Location: Nuneaton, UK
Amy Tolofari – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Weight Loss | Coaching | Public Health | Fussy Eating in Children | Cooking Skills
My work as a nutritionist gives me great joy as I love to motivate and support others to live and eat well. I am passionate about health and fitness having worked with children and adults in a variety of public health settings. I strongly believe in a holistic approach when it comes to meeting health goals with both nutrition and exercise working together hand in hand.
Training, qualifications: Public Health Nutrition Bsc (Hons). Level 3 Personal Training; Currently registered on the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists. (6599); Health Literacy course; Food hygiene course.
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Fri 8am-6pm Sat 8am-1.30pm
Languages: English
Location: Leicester, UK
Anna-Maria Volanaki – Click For More Details
How I can help you as your Remote Nutritionist?: What's most important is turning your lifestyle into a healthy one. To achieve this, we will need to take small steps every day. By the end of our journey, you will love your new healthy lifestyle as you aim to achieve health and wellness.
Remote Specialisms: Weight Gain, Nutrition Analysis, Mediterranean Diet, Blog Writing, Meal & Exercise Planning.
Other Specialisms: Sports Nutrition | Eating / Rehydrating before and after training | Weight Management| Healthy Cooking| Cardio
I appreciate the importance of nutrition, physiology and exercise and how these principles can be applied effectively on an individual’s routine in order to not only improve performance but also quality of life. As a sports nutritionist, I have helped athletes to further improve their performance and persuaded customers to start a more active lifestyle by introducing the benefits of healthy eating / cooking, exercise and sports nutrition. Finally, I like communicating and exchanging views on how to improve people's health, diet and psychology.
Training, qualifications: MSc in Applied Sports and Exercise Nutrition. Oxford Brookes University; BSc Degree in Physical Education and Sport Science. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). Reg.no 16653; The Association of UK Dieticians (BDA). Reg.no 16653; Accredited Advisor UKAD Protecting Sport ; Level 3 Yoga Teaching Qualification. Drummond Education; European Register of Exercise Professionals
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Monday to Thursday in the evening. Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons
Languages: English; Greek
Location: London, UK
David Strickland – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Nutritional Analysis | Research | Cholesterol | Coaching | Meal Planning
I cover all aspects of nutrition from teaching kids to older individuals as well as dealing with sport athletes and students. I also have clinical and hospital experience in nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice. My experience as an army chef allows me to develop recipes and help people start cooking for themselves. My time in the army travelling the world has opened my eyes up to many different cultures and ways of life.
Training, qualifications: Public Health
Bsc - Nutrition and Exercise
N4U Roles:
Languages: English
Location: Blackpool, UK
Ioannis Koufakis – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Meal Plan | Community Dietician | Data Analysis | Content Writer | Coaching
I am a registered Dietitian with HCPC and a member of the BDA. My main responsibilities as a Dietitian are to create meal plans, advise, coach and provide information about subjects on Nutrition . More specifically, I have dealt with many cases such as obesity, healthy living standards, sports nutrition, nutrition in all ages and I have a lot of experience in the Mediterranean Diet. Moreover, I have experience dealing with groups as I deliver education sessions . Furthermore, I have dealt with the area of weight management, pregnancy, coaching elderly people and students in my community by creating meal plans according to their eating habits. Of course, I encouraged them to start exercising as it was essential for improving the quality of life. To sum up, I strongly believe that I can motivate people (groups and individuals) by using the appropriate dietetic tools and answer all queries one by one!
Training, qualifications: Licence to Practice Dietician. Nutritionist,Registration. HCPC Registered Dietician
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Mon-Fri 7am-10am and 6pm-930pm and all Saturday and Sunday
Languages: English
Location: Warwick, UK
Isaac Mourier – Click For More Details
How I can help you as your Remote Nutritionist?: With my experience in providing remote nutrition advice, I am able to quickly and efficiently analyse and interpret your needs, drawing upon my knowledge to guide you immediately toward the goals we set together.
Remote Specialisms: Goal Setting & Monitoring | Healthy Alternatives | Improving Knowledge of Health, Performance & Nutrition | Improving Confidence & Autonomy | Working Around Your Schedule
Other Specialisms: Sports Nutrition | Body Composition | Healthy Living | Sports Performance | Recipes
I am a passionate, articulate, experienced sports nutritionist and pro athlete who works with a wide range of athletes/teams on both a remote and face to face basis. I have past experiences in sports nutrition, exercise testing/prescription, strength, conditioning, and injury rehabilitation. This varied background allows me to take a holistic approach to nutrition coaching while utilising my strong character and experience in the field to develop successful relationships with my clients.
Training, qualifications: MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition.
BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science.
Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy.
SENr (Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register).
U.K. Anti-doping (UKAD) advisor
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: 7 days a week 6am-9am and 3pm-11pm
Languages: English
Location: Leeds, UK
Isha Patel – Click For More Details
How I can help you as your Remote Nutritionist?: I believe small changes can have a big impact and I will look at your individual needs and commitments, ensuring my plans are realistic, effective and achievable; I will give you time to focus on yourself. Healthy eating should be a pleasure and I aim to to add to your diet rather than take away.
Remote Specialisms: Meal Planning | IBS Management | Diabetes Management | Healthy Cooking for South Asians | Coping with Stress
Other Specialisms: Gut Health/Digestive Issues | Diabetes Prevention/Management | Dietary Analysis | Diet Plans & Cooking Methodology | Analysing and Evaluating Test Results
I am a friendly, compassionate nutritionist with an outstanding record of client service and satisfaction. Graduating with a BSc in Human Nutrition, I started my career in the NHS, working with diabetic patients to aid in weight management and running clinics on nutrition for the elderly. During my time at the NHS, my interest in gut health developed and joined a private clinic as a gut health specialist, working with both international and UK based clients, administering bacteriotherapy into compromised guts to restore the gut flora and improve optimum function.
Training, qualifications: BSc Honours in Human Nutrition
Qualified Colon Hydrotherapist
CPD courses
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Most weekday evenings and most weekends
Languages: English; Gujarati
Location: Luton, UK
Jordana Chin – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Meal Planning | Diabetes | Weight Management | Dietary Analysis and Recipe Development | Healthy Lifestyle Advice
I currently run my own health food company where I plan and prepare balanced meals for clients. I also work 1:1, groups and companies in areas of healthy eating, cooking demonstrations, diabetes, weight management and personalised diets. I provide nutritional advice that is tailored to individuals, showing alternatives that will inspire and allow them to make changes and gain control of their own body. I am also involved in creating educational materials including writing articles and blogs, social media contents and presentations.I am passionate about learning and implementing the latest evidence-based nutrition practices and recommendations.I believe in finding balance and not restrictions.
Training, qualifications: BSc (Hons) Nutrition & MSc Clinical Nutrition at University of Nottingham,
Level 5/HNC Public Health Nutrition at Leeds Beckett University,
Associate Nutritionist at Association of Nutrition,
Food Safety and Hygiene, Level 2,
CPD courses
Full DBS check
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
Languages: English; Mandarin;, Malay
Location: Nottingham, UK
Kavita Bargota – Click For More Details
How I can help you as your Remote Nutritionist?: I will work with you through a step by step process, tackling any hurdles along the way, encouraging you mentally and physically. Each step will have a mini goal; we will continue working towards these goals, until the ultimate goal is achieved. It is important we base the plan around your current lifestyle, preferences, taking into account any medical conditions and prescription medicine.
Remote Specialisms: Interval & Strength Training | Prevention of Overtraining | Managing Inflammation | Healthy Eating for Diabetics | Nutritional Support for Muscle Gain
Other Specialisms: Healthy Eating | Weight Management | Nutritional Support | Sports Nutrition and Fitness | Dietary Analysis and Recipe Development
I'm a nutritionist with a passion for healthy eating and sports nutrition with a huge amount of clinical experience to support consultations.
Training, qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons) Dietetics; Level 2 Fitness Instructor.
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Mon to Sat 2pm-9pm
Languages: English; Punjabi
Location: Leeds, UK
Lara Seago – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Female Health | Digestive issues | Weight Management | Stress | Fatigue
I run my own practice where I regularly see patients with a whole range of issues from digestion to hormonal imbalances, weight gain, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, arthritis and inflammatory issues, to name a few. I like to dig deep by offering functional testing where appropriate to identify and address the underlying cause of each health complaint. There is nothing better than seeing a client's health transform for the better, thanks to my guidance and support and it is what motivates me to do what I do.
Training, qualifications: Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (College of Naturopathic Medicine); Registered Nutritional Therapist and Nutritionist; BA (Hons); Dip CNM; mBANT; CNHC reg.
Languages: English
Location: Stourbridge, UK
Marina Atanasova – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Languages | Meal Plan | Research | Writing | Presentation
A dynamic communicator who consistently exceeds goals and expectations. As well as being a native speaker of Bulgarian, over the years Marina has become fluent in English and Russian as well as developing a reasonable standard of written and spoken German.
Training, qualifications: M.Sc. - Public Health Nutrition and graduate Medical University
N4U Roles:
Languages: English; German; Bulgarian
Location: Coventry, UK
Medbh Williams – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Meal Plan | Creative Writing | Communication | Research | Presentation
I love nutrition and the way that food components interact with the body. Providing people with evidence-based information in an engaging way is something that I love to do, and I am confident this is a way I can help others to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Training, qualifications: BSc Nutritional Sciences
N4U Roles:
Languages: English
Local Practice: Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK
Mohammad Al-Kayani – Click For More Details
How I can help you as your Remote Nutritionist?: My passion for nutrition and understanding of a healthy lifestyle will provide the ground work you need to prevent many health issues in your life.
Remote Specialisms: Weight Loss | Diet plans | Confidence/Self Esteem | Obesity | Fatigue Management
Other Specialisms: Weight Loss | Diet Plans | Nutrition | Cardio | Exercise
I enjoy working with clients 1:1 and helping with weight management. I believe in the ideology that one size does not fit all, everyone has their own unique journey and everyone’s body is unique. I’ve participated in nutrition events and worked with groups on nutrition education programs with city councils.
Training, qualifications: Advanced Diploma - Nutrition and Weight Management; BSc - Food Science and Technology.
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm Sat 9am-1pm
Languages: English; Urdu; Arabic
Location: Nottingham, UK
Neil Gunby – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Exercise | Diet | Sport Nutrition | Weight Loss | Health and Well-being
I have a real passion for sport and exercise gaining experience and knowledge working at varied venues within the fitness and leisure industry. I have worked in the fitness industry for 6 years and have 3 years experience in a clinical setting giving fitness, nutrition and health advice working with customer's bio-metric measurements. I am currently a training facilitator for health advisers across London.
Training, qualifications: MSc - Sport and Exercise Nutrition. BSc - Sport Studies. HND - Sport and Exercise Science.
Sport and Exercise Nutritionist associate member
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Mon-Fri 5pm-6pm Sat 8am-6pm
Languages: English
Location: Leicester, UK
Olivia Ensor – Click For More Details
How I can help you as your Remote Nutritionist?: Nutrition is all about educating yourself and discovering what is best for you as an individual. I will help you achieve your goals from a realistic standpoint. It isn’t all sacrifice, I will make the process an enjoyable journey for you!
Remote Specialisms: Weight Management | Energy Availability | Athletic Performance | Meal Planning | Supplements
Other Specialisms: Dietary Analysis | Presentation | Communication | Workshop delivery | Research
Currently studying for a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, I hold a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise Science and more than two years of experience working within health and nutrition. Throughout the years I have conducted nutritional research, held workshops on a variety of nutritional topics and provided one-to-one feedback regarding dietary intervention. Often, people miss the importance of nutrition and the role it plays in their day-to-day lives, and so I am driven to promote a healthy lifestyle by conquering the basics first!
Training, qualifications: Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition; Bachelors in Sport and Exercise Science; UK Anti-Doping Accredited Advisor; Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Most afternoons and evenings except Saturday
Languages: English
Location: Leicester, UK
Petronella Mangwende – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching | Diabetes prevention and management | Communication | Research | Presentation
I have a great desire to influence long-term behaviour change in individuals to help prevent diseases, promote health and or reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases. I believe that we do not have to completely overhaul our lifestyles to improve our health and wellbeing, but we can instead make small changes that can have a big effect. Small changes build over time and can be successfully incorporated into anyone’s daily lifestyle. My work has included Special diets for clients with Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including Crohn’s disease (CD), Weight loss and maintenance and Type 2 Diabetes Management. This has been achieved using education and information, behaviour change techniques (BCTs) and dietary and physical activity interventions.
Training, qualifications: MSc - Public Health pending, BSc - Food and Human Nutrition
N4U Roles:
Languages: English
Location: South Shields, UK
Salma Dawood – Click For More Details
Other Specialisms: Nutritional Analysis | Creative Writing | Research | Meal Planning | Recipe Writing
Providing evidence-based nutrition and health advice via blog writing, recipe creation, corporate wellness talks and meal planning.
Training, qualifications: B.Sc in Human Nutrition
N4U Roles:
Languages: English; Arabic
Location: Rugby, UK
Sital Harris – Click For More Details
How I can help you as your Remote Nutritionist?: I am a great listener and will work with you to find the most efficient and effective solution to the health and well-being areas you may have concerns about.
Remote Specialisms: Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes | Cardiovascular Risk | Frailty Care | Gut Health | Mental Wellness
Other Specialisms: Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes | Mental Health | PCOS | Elderly Nutrition | Meal Planning
I am a registered nutritional therapist with a special interest in the following fields: Pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, mental health and nutrition in older years. These are the fields where I have successfully developed well-being plans, clinical research and commercial projects to help improve health, productivity and wellness. My approach is person centred using SMART Goals and coaching to help achieve positive health outcomes. I have completed a number of commercial roles to develop, review public health policies and well-being in the workplace as well as completed several research projects within the field of health/well-being and nutrition. The rest of my time is spent writing blogs and general nutritional articles.
Training, qualifications: MSc in Nutritional Therapy; I am registered with both BANT and CNHC who are an approved body and endorsed by the GMC.
Remote Nutrition - General Availability: Mon-Thu 10am -2pm
Languages: English
Location: Birmingham, UK
Sue Smith – Click For More Details
How I can help you as your Remote Nutritionist?: I will listen to your needs and together we will work out a plan to help us tackle your nutrition issues not just head on, but from every angle. Let me work with you to aim for healthier living without making the sacrifices you expect.
Remote Specialisms: Meal Planning | Weight Management | Sleep | Stress | Healthy Lifestyle Advice
Other Specialisms: Exercise | Diet | Sport Nutrition | Fussy Eating in Children | Cooking Skills
I have a passion for nutrition.
Training, qualifications: Nutrition Qual
Languages: English
Location: Leicester, UK

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